what do we do?

MATTER is the world-leading provider of computer based learning (CBL) software for materials science, engineering and related disciplines. 

To achieve this, we concentrate on getting the most out of the interactive potential of the computer.

This means giving users the power to explore concepts, processes, objects or relationships.  This can be done through interactive simulation or experiments - giving users control of the "input parameters" and letting them observe the results - cause and effect.  We also include many self-assessment questions and exercises, whereby the user can test their understanding and progress as they go along.  Glossary entries and hyperlinks as benefits the educational content of the particular resource are also included.

Dumping a set of the lecture notes or a chapter of a book onto a CD-ROM or web site, adding a few fancy graphics and occasional mouse-sensitive pop-ups is NOT what we are about - we leave that to others!

The essential ingredients

Over the years, we have come to recognise that three vital "ingredients" are required to create successful CBL software. These are:

  • The three essential ingredients to good computer-based learning academic/technical correctness and relevance - to achieve this, we have academics, teachers and/or industry experts provide the "storyboards" from which our software is developed.  They are also used for pre-publication checking and evaluation.
  • high quality programming - our development team has amassed many years' of experience creating CBL resources.  They are able to extract the maximum level of interactivity from computers.
  • pedagogic soundness - sadly often overlooked in so much "educational" software.  No matter how good the technical content and programming quality, without this vital ingredient a piece of software will be rendered useless.  MATTER involves its "end-users" - teachers, students, trainers and trainees - in designing and evaluating our software resources.  In this way, any problems with content, interface and stability are quickly identified.

Use of Computer Based Learning in The Loans Industry

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Our methodology

Since 1995, MATTER has used a software development protocol based closely on what might be regarded an "industry standard".

identify personnel, overall project aims and scope

define learning outcomes

storyboard preparation

coding (programming)

technical refereeing & student trials

coding recommended changes

editorial checking


As the production of a good storyboard is key to a successful outcome, we have prepared an online Guide for Storyboard Authors.

More information

If you are interested in working with MATTER, or would simply like to find out more about our current activities, you can find our contact details here.


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