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As MATTER was originally set up to produce computer-based learning software for undergraduate materials science and engineering, it is not surprising that the majority of our work is aimed at university-level courses. Our various resources are listed below.

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  • Open, is currently being developed in partnership with the International Iron and Steel Institute to provide a comprehensive package of informative, advanced and highly interactive e-learning resources on steel technologies, covering all aspects of the steelmaking processes through to products, their applications and recycling. Modules currently available include Secondary Steelmaking, Steel Selection for Car Door Panels and Steels in Construction.
  • aluMATTER - interactive site on aluminium science and technology, developed in partnership with the European Aluminium Association. The first module "Strengthening Mechanisms in Aluminium Alloys" is complete. Two further modules: "Softening Mechanisms" and "Anisotropy" are due for release shortly.
  • aluSelect - is a computer-based reference database containing technical information on the most widely used aluminium alloys, developed in partnership with the European Aluminium Association. This freely accessible web-site allows the user to obtain information about the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of aluminium alloys. At present, 35 wrought alloys and 12 casting alloys are indexed.
  • Go to SteelMATTERSteelMATTER - designing with steels, produced in partnership with Corus and the University of Birmingham. Illustrates the close interdependencies between the different stages of steel production and shows how final properties can be controlled through composition, processing and microstructure.
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM): This is a set of resources designed to accompany an introductory course on transmission electron microscopy. The level is appropriate for students with an understanding of some elementary physics.
  • Tool for Stereographic Projection - This tools allows you to draw stereographic projections for different crystal types using different poles for the projection axis.
  • Diffraction Introduction to Diffraction; Geometry of Diffraction; Intensity of Diffraction; X-ray Diffraction; Electron Diffraction
  • Solidification: Kinetics; Redistribution; Cell, dendrite and grain structure; Eutectic solidification
Other online resources
  • High Resolution Gamma SpectrometryHigh Resolution Gamma-Ray Spectrometry (restricted access) - an interactive web site commissioned by the Department of Physics at the University of Liverpool, based on their well-established M.Sc. Radiometrics course.  A must for those involved with the nuclear power industry.
  • CORE-Materials - an online repository containing a large number of open educational resources (OERs) in Materials Science and Engineering freely available under a range of Creative Commons licenses.
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