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 Electron scattering   Diffraction at an aperture
 Probe size
 Depth of field
 Scanning/tilting alignment
 Condenser alignment
 Condenser astigmatism
 Dark field
 STEM images
 Rotations in the TEM
 Kikuchi lines
 Prior knowledge for TEM
 Electron atom interactions

 Electron atom interactions
 Inelastic Scattering
 X-ray and Auger


 Electromagnetic Lenses
  - deflection of electrons 1
  - deflection of electrons 2
 Thin Lens Optics
 Condensing Optics
 Double Condenser Lens
 First Condenser Lens
 Second condenser lens
 Beam convergence
 Condenser Aperture
 Simulation of Condenser System
 Objective Lens (i)
 Objective Aperture
 Objective Aperture (ii)
 Intermediate lens
 Projector Lens

 Electron gun

 Electron sources (gun)
 Introduction to the simulation