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Resistors in series and parallel
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Serial circuit
Serial circuit 2
Parallel circuit
Parallel circuit 2
Combined circuit 1
Combined circuit 2
Combined circuit 3
Combined circuit 4
Combined circuit 5
Questions: serial circuits
Questions: parallel circuits
Questions: combined circuits

David Atkinson, Hugh Baird College
Paul Berry, MATTER Project

This module allows the user to explore the effect of resistors in both series and parallel circuits on the current flowing at any point.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module you should be able to:

calculate the total resistance in series and parallel electrical circuits; and

determine the current at a given point in the circuit.

Assumed prior knowledge

It is assumed that you have knowledge of the following concepts:

voltage, current and resistance, and the SI units for these (Volt (V), Ampère (A) and Ohm (W) respectively); and

series and parallel circuits, and the difference between the two.


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