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Materials Science on CD-ROM version 2.1


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We hear that users are experiencing difficulties in installing and running Materials Science on CD-ROM under Windows Vista and Windows 7. We regret that MATTER can no longer offer support for this title.


Award winning software for teachers and students of materials science, engineering and related subjects. 

The challenging concepts of this subject area, which can be difficult to grasp, are made easier to understand with this collection of completely interactive learning modules, which have been designed to make use of those functions best performed by computer.

Designed to complement traditional teaching and learning methods, it also serves as a stimulating resource for teachers explaining new concepts. Students learn new aspects of materials science whilst testing their knowledge by answering the questions which appear within each module on the CD-ROM.

Key benefits for the user:

  • fully interactive - the first CD-ROM of its kind for materials science
  • versatile format - Windows™ and Macintosh™ versions on the same CD-ROM
  • comprehensive solutions manual also available on request to bona fide teaching staff
  • can be used as a supplement to any materials science textbook
  • superb study aid - the CD-ROM provides many opportunities for self-assessment

Recommended system specifications

PC: 486 DX66 processor or higher. 8 Mb RAM minimum. About 30Mb free hard disc space. Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster. VGA monitor at 640x480 pixels, 256 colours. Windows™ 3.1x or 95.

PLEASE NOTE: this disk has not been tested under Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Macintosh: 68030, 68040 or PowerPC processor (modules are supplied optimised for both 68K and PowerPC systems). System 7.1 or greater. Colour monitor (at least 640x480 pixels, and 256 colours) CD-ROM drive. 8Mb RAM. About 40Mb free disc space for full installation of all modules with help files and Materials Science on CD-ROM glossary.

PLEASE NOTE: this disk does not work under Mac OS X.

Ordering information

This CD-ROM is currently available from Liverpool University Press.


The University of Liverpool
Copyright of The University of Liverpool 2000